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Andrew Burdi

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Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Simplified Issue Insurance, Guaranteed Issue Insurance and Estate Planning Solutions

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Andrew has always gladly called Toronto home. As a proud father of two girls, age fifteen and thirteen, Andrew focuses much of his spare time around them, just as his own father did when Andrew was growing up. After graduating at the top of his class at the Business Studies Program at Seneca College, Andrew decided to follow in his father’s footsteps helping the community in their personal insurance needs. Hard work and commitment have made Andrew one of Canada’s leading advisors in Critical Illness solutions.

His 25 years of professional experience in the critical illness insurance sector means Andrew brings a unique perspective and wealth of specialized knowledge to LSM.

What others say about Andrew Burdi:

It was last October when I decided that it would be a good idea to protect my pay and acquire disability insurance to cover my greatest asset, my income. After searching the internet, I found LSM Insurance on the web and quickly realized that I was at the right website.

I was referred to Andrew Burdi, LSM's living benefit expert, who took the time to explain how I could protect my retirement from life's uncertainties, such as cancer, heart attacks or simply being too hurt or sick to work.

We set a meeting and Andrew came to my house and we went through evaluating my needs in the event of a critical illness and or disability. We applied for coverage and I was approved.

Ninety days had passed since Andrew delivered my critical illness policy and it was time for my annual physical. Unfortunately, testing concluded that I had advanced colon cancer. Within 5 days of being diagnosed, I had to go for surgery.

Fortunately I took Andrew's recommendation. Andrew asked me if I was comfortable with the idea to have him come to the hospital to complete the claim forms to get things moving. I signed off to have Andrew assist me with the claim and he was instrumental in doing just that, gathering information then calling all the specialists involved.

Today I am fortunate enough to have a $ 100,000 tax free cheque delivered to me by Andrew Burdi from LSM to simply allow me to focus on getting better which give me the financial freedom to focus on my recovery which is now my first priority.

Four months ago I knew nothing about critical illness coverage until I met with LSM. Thanks to Andrew and LSM today I received a cheque for $ 100,000.

Thank you again for all your support and your willingness to assist with the claim personally.

Warm regards,

Susan Mast

After having been self-employed for over 16 years, I always wondered what would happen if I were unable to work due to sickness or cancer and didn't really worry too much about it until recently, specifically when I purchased a property.

I have been doing business with Andrew Burdi for numerous years. At the beginning, I was not knowledgeable about the insurance industry whatsoever. When I met Andrew, he was able to explain my various options in a very precise and understandable matter.

I found Andrew to be extremely knowledgeable with all his products, and was very thorough and patient. Andrew deals with over 15 companies so I felt that I was provided with so many choices and was able to get the best value. I did speak with another agent who dealt with only 2 or 3 companies and the difference was that Andrew works for those companies, too, but he also offered unbiased advice relative to those companies. He truly never pushed one particular company. It was clear that I wanted to work with Andrew and I continue to do so.

I found Andrew to be honest, patient and well read with all of his products and I would have no problem recommending him to my friends and family and in fact, have done so already!

Thanks for making the difficult world of insurance seem easy.

Marci Scolnik

When I arrived to Canada, I knew I wanted to protect my family and make sure there was enough money in case something would happen to me. I also knew I wanted my coverage to last for life, not end in 10 or 20 years.

Andrew Burdi offered an unbiased review of all of the top companies in Canada and was able to deliver exceptional value and the lowest price for the best possible coverage I could get.

I also referred Andrew to a good friend from my country and he used a different company in his case, because his criteria were slightly different.

Andrew, thanks again for your hard work.

Wilfred Louideus

It is great to work with Andrew.

He asked me all of the questions that were pertinent to assessing my risk then developed a plan to protect my best interests.

He was able to put together a series of quotes from different companies, including RBC, Manulife, BMO and Canada Life to name a few, showing me the differences in price and product offering and discussed the value of each company.

Thank you Andrew for sharing your time to make sure that what I was moving forward with I thoroughly understood and fit my budget.

I would definitely recommend Andrew anytime.

Elizabeth Zuest

Thank you Andrew for helping me, you explained to me how to find the right coverage at a price that I can afford for my family. He was slow and helped me understand what I needed!

Thank you so much and God Bless You.

Frank Guilllaume

Thank you Andrew! We are thankful that Andrew helped us fix our policy the cost of which was rising every year and we were not aware of this. Andrew came over and revealed that our policy was a ticking time bomb. Thanks to Andrew – he found the problem and me and my family are protected now.

Nara Namhera

I really appreciate all the hard work Andrew Burdi and LSM Insurance have done for me. I had been insured with a company for years and only recently learned it was term insurance, I had no idea what that meant.

Andrew took the time to visit me at my home at a time convenient to me. Together we called the head office of the company that held my existing insurance policy. We found that my premiums, which were 67 dollars a month for the last nine years, were going to go up in a year on my 80th birthday to 243 dollars per month. The following year the premiums were to rise up to 275 a month and the subsequent year the premiums were supposed to go up 310 dollars per month.

When I heard that, I was very disappointed and confused how this could happened to me.

I'm on a fixed income and I need this policy for my final expenses. I'm really glad that Andrew took the time to explain things to me. He researched the market place and was able to find me a reasonable priced plan - one where the premiums will never increase. This cost certainty is crucial for me given I am on fixed budget.

If anybody is considering purchasing personal insurance I would most definitely use LSM Insurance and ask for Andrew Burdi, because he really knows his stuff.

Thanks again for setting it straight for me Andrew, you are most appreciated.

Lewis W. Best

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We are located at: 2900 John Street Suite #302 Markham, L3R 5G3

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